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Thank you TEDxDetroit!

TEDxDetroit 2013

4 generations of musicians. Left to right: Evan Mercer, Doug Austin, Chrissy Morgan, Jef Reynolds, Timothy Gay

WOW!! What an experience! TEDxDetroit was something so unbelievable it can’t be described in words. That crowd of 1500 people were so excited to hear us play and gave us so much energy and that was just in the room. There were lots of people also watching the online feed as well that took in our performance. Even with a 5 minute performance we were able to move and inspire a crowd of thought leaders, community advocates, movers and shakers and entrepreneurs. Our Twitter feed was blowing up with comments from Habitat for Humanity Detroit, to our newest fan, Channel 4 News’ Andrew Humphrey. Lots of pictures were taken and it was a beautiful thing to connect with the people afterward as well.

We can’t tell you how grateful we are to be able to perform at TEDxDetroit and what it really means to us. From the song we wrote, to the performance to the connections we made, the experience was nothing but phenomenal. We are excited to bring more music to the people and to keep an eye on our schedule. Be sure to join our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for updates. Thank you to Charlie Wollburg, Terry Bean, Hubert Sawyers and all the TEDxDetroit crew for creating an environment that welcomed us and embraced us. We are forever grateful!


On stage at TEDxDetroit performing “Music Is Love”



About Timothy Gay

A heart-centered man hailing from Detroit, Michigan, who connects and heals the world with music and the spiritual modality Theta Healing.


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