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Summer Garden Concert Series, A Hit!

Photo by Dave Gorgon

It’s been awhile since our last post but holy cow, we had an amazing time! The folks at the Taylor conservatory  host a beautiful location for a concert series and it’s perfect. The weather scared people away but we still put on a show great show anyway.

Beautiful garden space for performing.

The Conservatory put on a new jazz series called “Summer Concert Series in the Garden” and this is their first season doing this. Taylor isn’t known for jazz but more for rock and country so there was no telling how this was going to go but it’s gotten amazing reviews in the paper. We were coming in about halfway through the season behind some stellar talent. We weren’t sure how our brand of modern-progressive jazz was going to go over with the crowd but they were overwhelmingly receptive of it. In fact, we got a number of comments that we were the best concert of the series so far, which is a huge comment considering some of the talent that has been there and will be coming in. It was such a great time and we definitely would LOVE to come back next year.

We extend our gratitude to Mary and Bob Boonenberg for inviting us to perform at this series. A special thanks to Mark Clark at Jazz@37North for sharing this lead with us. We are forever grateful.

Next stop is the Buy Michigan Now Festival in Northville. Looking forward to seeing you there!


About Timothy Gay

A heart-centered man hailing from Detroit, Michigan, who connects and heals the world with music and the spiritual modality Theta Healing.


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