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Spirit Spit Was Awesome; Jazz Showcase Finalized!

First, before we say anything about the above picture, we’d like to thank Wryter Bush and Spirit Spit for hosting us. We were very proud to play there and were received VERY well. It was an awesome and intimate experience that will not be forgotten.

And now… Wild Stallions!

Not really, but remember that jazz showcase mentioned back in December? Well it’s finally happening. As shown in the picture above, we have connected with pianist/vocalist Tracy Kash Thomas and vocalist/saxophonist Kat Orlando to put together what we call the D’Jazz Showcase. We are excited to perform with these two amazing talents and their bands. I’m also excited that it will be held at the Jazz Cafe at the famed Music Hall. We’ve put a lot of time making this show happen and we’d like to have you be a part of it.

The other cool thing is that the day our event is going on, so is the Detroit Tigers opening day game! So you can watch the Tigers tear it up and come by and relax with us. You can even bring your ticket stub from the game and get in with a discount! It’s a total win-win for everyone. A great game, great music and a good time. You can also order the ticket online prior to the show as well. Check the gigs page for more info.

Looking forward to seeing you at the show!


About Timothy Gay

A heart-centered man hailing from Detroit, Michigan, who connects and heals the world with music and the spiritual modality Theta Healing.


2 thoughts on “Spirit Spit Was Awesome; Jazz Showcase Finalized!

  1. Wow–gigging on Tigers opening day? Crazy-awesome.

    Posted by soundsorceress | March 19, 2012, 11:11 am

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