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Highlights From Cadieux; Brad Felt Tribute

Sup Homies,
First, to address the livestream that was non-existent Sunday night. Our camera guy who was scheduled far ahead of time was injured on a job he did the previous night. It was a true unforeseen circumstance and we were really sad that the livestream didn’t happen. We sent out an update on Twitter and Facebook but it was a short notice so for those who didn’t see it, we apologize to you. The good news is that we planned for another stream and it’s in two weeks. As always, keep an eye out for our upcoming shows.

The night began before Cadieux as Tim attended a tribute to local great jazz musician, Brad Felt. Brad was an amazing jazz euphonium player and played as well as any stellar sax or trumpet player. He certainly played as fast (if not faster) than them. He was also a great composer and educator. Check out one of his songs.

Here’s some photos from the event:

After a wonderful tribute, came an awesome performance at Cadieux Cafe. With some new music, we rocked the house and had a very inspiring performance. The jam session was awesome too with some excellent musicians showing up to add to the awesome environment at Cadieux. Even with the weather we had a great turnout. Check out some of the pics from the event:

And some fun group photos:

And a normal one:

Big thanks to Andre B. Thomas for all the great pictures. We look forward to seeing you in two weeks and yes, there will be a livestream for sure.


About Timothy Gay

A heart-centered man hailing from Detroit, Michigan, who connects and heals the world with music and the spiritual modality Theta Healing.


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