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New Shows Announced For The New Year… And More?

What’s happenin’ fans,

We have been lining up shows for the new year to create more Rare Standard madness and push the revolution further. So far here are our upcoming dates:

In January, we return to Cadieux Cafe for another round of Soul Jazz Sundays. We’ve played there twice before and we enjoy it each time. As always, the show is free and there is great food, great drinks including Belgian imported beers and feather bowling! You can’t ask for more… except a jam session after the first set. So bring your instruments and sit in. It’s sure to be a great time.

In February, we bring our talents to Clawson, MI to Black Lotus Brewery. We’ve been working on this for awhile and we’re proud to see this come to fruition. Normally when we play at Lotus we’ve been there for Open Mic Mondays (which we suggest to anyone) but this time, we have a full night of The Rare Standard Revolution! This show is also free. Come through and support this local spot that supports art at its finest and brews some awesome beer right inside the store.

March is special as we bring our talent to Spirit Spit. Spirit Spit is a great event that’s held at the Spirit of Hope church in Detroit, MI. It features poets, artists and performers in a very intimate setting. This is a place that has featured great poets like David Blair RIP and has also featured a number of our jazz friends perform. There is a small cover that goes to the artists and the church for hosting the event. Please come out and support this wonderful event for the community. All these events can be found on our gigs page.

Also, we have been working on a side project. We have been working on putting together a small showcase with a few other artists. We’re not going to tell you who, just be on the lookout for a group concert featuring us and a couple other awesome acts. We’re looking forward to this being something that will help change the energy in our community.

Looking forward to seeing you all in the new year. Happy Holidays, Love and Peace to you all!


About Timothy Gay

A heart-centered man hailing from Detroit, Michigan, who connects and heals the world with music and the spiritual modality Theta Healing.



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